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Makeup Lessons Toronto

If you’re like most women, you have cosmetic bags full of makeup and wear it every day; but have you had makeup lessons to learn how to do makeup in a way that will enhance your natural beauty? If not, your makeup may actually be aging you and giving you a dated look no matter how fashion forward you are. Did you know that wearing makeup can affect your earning power? According to a study in the American Economic Review, “Women who wear makeup earn up to 30% more than those who can’t be bothered.” In fact makeup is so intertwined with our feelings of well being and self worth, the Daily Mail reports that 91% of women said they would cancel a first date rather than turn up bare-faced. Ladies, we are wearing makeup every day and clearly it’s very important to us, so why not learn to maximize its potential? Makeup lessons are the answer.

Makeup Lessons Toronto

What you can learn in makeup lessons:

Makeup Classes Toronto

Everyone can benefit from makeup lessons. It’s a great way to keep up with current trends, the latest products and learn new application techniques. Contact Alisa Lyons, an accredited makeup consultant and instructor in Toronto for an appointment. Your makeup lesson will be a totally personal experience, tailored to your needs. Alisa will ensure that you leave the studio armed with the knowledge to look your very best every day. Gift certificates are available.