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Camouflage makeup can complement or provide an alternative to medical treatment. Although dermatology and plastic surgery have come a long way there are still many people living with skin conditions that have a serious impact on their lives. Camouflage makeup can add eyebrows and lashes to people undergoing cancer treatment or suffering from alopecia. In addition to skin conditions, the tattoos of youth can become a liability in the corporate world. They are extremely difficult and costly to surgically remove, but they must be hidden. Alisa Lyons, a professional makeup artist in Toronto, combines her makeup artistry and cosmetic product knowledge to conceal many skin conditions including but not limited to:

Camouflage makeup is not heavy, theatrical makeup or just layers of concealer. It should be natural looking, opaque, greaseless, waterproof, long lasting, non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and available for all skin types. Contact professional makeup artist, Alisa Lyons, for a camouflage makeup application. In addition to making you look and feel beautiful again Alisa Lyons is also an accredited makeup instructor. She will teach you how to recreate your look at home and advise you on the correct cosmetics to use for your particular skin type and condition. Camouflage makeup can dramatically improve the quality of your life and give you back the confidence to live your best life. If you have a friend or family member that could benefit from a camouflage makeup application and/or makeup lesson, Gift Certificates are available. Contact Alisa Lyons today for more information on camouflage makeup or to book an appointment for a makeup application or lesson.


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