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You can always enhance your natural beauty;
You learn what works for your face, because, crazy make-up doesn’t really suit anyone.– Caroline Winberg, Swedish Model

We may be a makeup obsessed society today, but it was the Ancient Egyptians that began the craze in 10,000 BCE. They lined their eyes with Kohl, put malachite on their cheeks and used mesdemet, copper and ore, as eye shadow. Since then every society in countries across the globe have been using makeup in one form or another and today cosmetics are a multibillion dollar industry. Why are we so obsessed with makeup? In the hands of a skilled makeup artist, makeup is absolute magic. It has the power to transform – conceal imperfections, contour the face, enhance our best features, minimize others, create a particular look, make us runway or camera ready – and enhance our feelings of well being and self worth. Makeup helps us define beauty and see beauty in ourselves. Alisa Lyons is a Toronto makeup artist whose skills and artistry will bring your inner beauty to the surface.

Some of her specialties include but are not limited to:

Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. Sadly many women wear a mask. They don’t know what products are best for their skin type, the right colours to use, or the correct techniques for applying makeup. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful every day. Contact Toronto makeup artist Alisa Lyons to ensure that your natural beauty shines through.

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