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The Newest Looks for This Summer- The Tropical Look

Get beautifully bronzed and add some blue to your eyes to create the newest summer look for 2013. At the runway shows this spring the models appeared with golden glows as if they had just stepped off the beach. Along with this latest glowing trend comes some of the hottest makeup to help even pale skin come alive with a deep shiny bronzing effect.


Bronze powder is available in matte, silky and shimmery powders that will darken your face colour magically. A bronze blush can be applied in a shade darker than the powder colour to add a deeper sheen and to highlight the wonderful cheekbones hidden beneath the powder.

For an all-over bronzing effect you can push the limits by using a dark brown lipstick to highlight your lips or choose a light bronze coloured stick to keep the emphasis on the rest of the face. If you’re daring you can also apply a pink or red-toned lipstick but this can often bring out an orange glow in the powder and blush. Experiment with the pinks and reds first before applying any lipstick permanently for a night out.

The newest look in eye colours

MAC and Lancome, among others have released an exciting and vibrant series of eye colours this year that are exploding off the shelves. One of the most popular colours in the spring collection is a series of Teal Fury shadows available in an all-in-one shadow and liner palette.

These teal shades will probably remind you of the colours worn during the 80s minus the cheesy effect. It’s a super retro look that can easily add a “pow” effect to the rest of the bronzing glow.

The compact is stocked with 5 turquoise and aqua shades that are fun to experiment with and even more exciting to wear out. All the shadows blend easily with a pale shimmery pink included as the base colour. The tone for the eyes is a turquoise green and to set off the green a matte blue crease colour is included. The highlighter comes in a blue turquoise and the finishing touch is a steel matte blue liner.

You can expect these colours to last a full day and they don’t tend to crease easily. This teal is a trending colour for summer that creates the look of an exotic Caribbean ocean, and the bronze tone on the face carries the look through perfectly.

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