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“The Great Gatsby” fever | The 1920s Flapper Girl Is Back

The 1920s is a decade often romanticized for being all about glamour, alcohol and jazz. After the First World War, people were motivated to live life to the fullest. It was also the time when the female sex emancipated and the flapper girl was born.

And although the pin up girl got lost over the years, she is back. She’s been back since Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” hit theaters on May 10 last year. Vogue even went full-on twenties for its May 2013 issue. “The Great Gatsby” fever is here to stay. The flapper girl hair with its distinct finger wave pattern, the overly-powdered faces with rosy cheeks, the 1920s makeup look, it’s all back!

But the true ’20s look was pretty severe. Like Carey Mulligan’s look in The Great Gatsby, the vintage look is there but everything is less severe with a touch of the 21st century.

Some tricks for creating an authentic Gatsby era makeup

So ladies, it’s time to dump the fake tan. The roaring 20’s was all about that perfect alabaster complexion.

– To create an authentic 20s makeup, you need to be the fairest of them all. Pick a foundation set with translucent powder for a matte flawless look.

– Keep your eye makeup dark. You want the whole shebang: Heavy layers of black eyeliner, dark grey eye shadow and the subtle hint of turquoise or green glitter to complete the look of the 20s.

– Eyebrows in the 20s were also pretty distinctive: high, arched and thin. Keep your eyebrows on the thin side, darken and turn them slightly downward with an eyebrow pencil to get the 20s look with a touch of the 21st century.

– And finally, lips were red hot in the 20s! You can complete your Gatsby look with either a bright cream or matte finish red lipstick.

Fashion is currently in love with the romanticized revival of the perfect storm that was the late twenties when a new type of woman came to exist. We at Alisa Lyons Makeup & Hair offer period makeup and hair no matter which decade you choose. This trend is super popular for theme weddings & parties! So buckle up because the roaring twenties spirit is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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