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Tips on Makeup Application when using flash photography, or studio lighting

There are some rules that need to be followed in photographic makeup artistry. Your makeup will have to be applied in a completely different manner than it would be for your day job or to step out for the evening. In order to look your best for a photo shoot you’ll want to follow the following important tips:

1. Start with a fresh clean face

Although it is a basic fundamental, make sure that you exfoliate your skin to remove dull and flaky particles and moisturize your face before applying any makeup. You’ll want to have your beautiful natural skin as a base for the makeup application.

Do not apply sunscreen or use foundations containing SPF.

2. Use natural light

Using natural light will make it easier to achieve the exact foundation match and an even and smooth look.

3. Avoid mineral powder makeup which in many cases contain Titanium and Zinc Dioxide

Mineral makeup can cast a pale colour and glow not visible to the naked eye that up well in photographs.

4. Use a matte primer if your skin is oily

This will stop any shine from appearing on your face and will look  better with any type of lighting, then apply a sheer layer of liquid foundation, you may want to  add some more if necessary in certain spots, blend well and then set with a light translucent powder

5. Avoid glimmer and shimmer products

These types of products can absolutely ruin the photos and should be avoided. Use either satin or matte finishes for your foundation and blush.

6. Do not apply sunscreen or use foundations and powders containing Sunscreen.

Sunscreen does not photograph well with flash, so be sure that you wash off any that has been previously applied before the shoot.

7. Use neutral lipstick colours

With the trends changing in popular lip colours from one season to the next you’ll be best off using a neutral or natural lipstick colour. This will keep your portrait or photograph in style through all the changing seasons.

8. Finish up with a final dusting

When you’ve completed your makeup application and are satisfied with it give your face a final light dusting with translucent powder. This will act as a final setting for the look you are trying to achieve and will help keep any unwanted shine and glow out of the picture.

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