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Wedding Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

As the months progress, brides are getting nervous and excited about their upcoming 2013 spring and summer weddings. It’s not only love that is in the air right now; there’s also the sense of anticipation for the big day that’s making every bride speed up her planning efforts.

Following the wedding make-up trends for Spring/Summer 2013

As a bride, one of the items on your to do-list will be to organize the make-up and hair for the wedding party. This year a different approach is being taken to the bride’s look and the trend is growing as the days pass. This year the main focus is a bronzed look with peaches and pinks being tossed aside.

For darker skinned brides the look will come easier but for women that have a milky white skin they will be looking at the bronzing lotions and making their eyes come alive by creating a golden- eyed look that can be completely stunning. The trick here is going to be to create a look that shows up as bronze without adding an orange tinge to it.

The eyes have it

The 2013 spring and summer bridal shows had models walking down the runways with eyes that were perfectly lined at the top while remaining au-natural at the bottom. The top lashes were inked and lined to black perfection while the lower lashes were left completely undone. It’s a completely different look, but one that shows beautifully when done correctly.

Creating the vintage look

Another trend that is emerging for the 2013 wedding season is a trip back in time towards a vintage look with soft muted eyes and vibrant red lips. As more and more women are turning to vintage gowns for a time-honoured wedding, this makeup design is certainly making its way back into style this year.

Minimalistic at its best

There’s also a turn happening towards the minimalistic look with make-up only focusing on one of the bride’s best features. The idea here is to create a focal point that can be highlighted without creating a washed-out look on the rest of the face. For do-it-yourself brides that don’t plan on scheduling any type of make-up appointment, this is an easy look to achieve and wears well with any type of dress.

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